Is the EU big enough to take on the issue of Ireland post Brexit?

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The Guardian had two headlines of special interest to me last might:




The two are related, of course, and appropriately so in  my opinion.

I have long taken an interest in he economy of Ireland. That's hardly surprising with a name like mine and the fact that I have an Irish as well as a UK passport. But this is not just a matter of economic interest. Whatever the highs and lows of Ireland (and there are ample highs to match its dire tax policies) this is a country transformed by the EU as well as the Good Friday Agreement, and all those gains are  now at risk.

I am of a generation where it still seems strange to find oneself agreeing wholeheartedly with Martin McGuiness, but on this I do. If the UK persists with Brexit then the case for giving Northern Ireland a special status is overwhelming.

I hope Europe is big enough to take this issue on and address it proactively.