The City won’t like it

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i am not the biggest fan of the City of London even if, paradoxically, I am a professor at its university. What I can say though, with some certainty, is that the City does not like being ignored. Those with money think they have right to set the agenda. And right now that's not what is happening.

There seems very little doubt at all now that the Conservatives have decided that there is no point negotiating Brexit. Notice will be given. Time will be served. Some appearance of discussion will be presented. And, inevitably given the negotiating stance now being adopted, hard Brexit will happen. WTO rules will then apply to trade. And every advantage the City had with Europe will probably be lost in the process.

This is the last thing the City wanted.

But it is, most likely, what they will get.

And you can be sure they will not like it.

In which case I have to wonder what their retribution will be? Will they leave? Will they fight the Tories who have never been their completely natural allies, the Liberals of old being their best fit? Or will they just make do and admit they're not as powerful as they would like to think they are?

One to watch.