If you want to know why MPs quit Corbyn’s team read this

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Sharon Hodgson MP has written a telling account of why she quit as shadow children's minister in Jeremy Corbyn's shadow team. I recommend it.

She's not the first to have written in this way.

What she says echoes what I saw and what I've heard. And confirms that there was no chance of a team lead by Jeremy Corbyn forming an effective opposition.

That I can recall I have never met Sharon. She strikes me as precisely the sort of person who might be selected by constituencies to represent them in the future.

And it did not work.

I am sure much unfair comment has been thrown at her as a result. But those doing the throwing need to think hard.

She gave working with Corbyn a good go and could not make it work.

Will his leadership ever work in that case, however much wishful thinking is applied? Or is re-electing him a project doomed to failure that guarantees continued government by Theresa May?