Souls are easily sold once they have been in the Treasury

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Politicshome reported yesterday that:

Sir Nicholas Macpherson, who announced his departure from the Treasury in April this year, is set to take up a two-day-per-week role as chairman for C Hoare & Co - a bank for wealthy individuals.

According to its website, the family-run bank - which is the oldest in the UK and the fourth oldest in the world - offers clients help netting “the best after-tax returns” as part of its offshore investment management wing.

As they also noted:

Tax campaigner Richard Murphy said the appointment suggested an "open door arrangement between the top levels of the UK civil service and the organisations that serve the financial elite".

He added to PoliticsHome: “It’s extraordinary that the former head of the UK Treasury has now seen it’s his job to undermine the UK tax base.

“As former head of the Treasury he should be doing all he can to uphold the standards that we are meant to be promoting in the international arena.

“It doesn’t appear that that is now his goal.”

Souls are easily sold once they have been in the Treasury.

Look forward George Osborne goes next.