OMG: EY and KPMG to negotiate Brexit

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According to the FT:

Britain is turning to the private sector to prepare for Brexit, seeking to second consultants to boost a civil service with almost no experience of complex trade negotiations.

Sir Jeremy Heywood, the country’s top civil servant, has held talks with companies including accountants EY and KPMG, and the consultants McKinsey, as he prepares for a negotiation with Brussels described by outgoing prime minister David Cameron as “the most important task the British civil service has undertaken in decades”.

Words fail me.

How did we get to this sorry state?

Before answering, note this:

The senior partner of a leading London-based law firm said: “We’ve got super-smart people who understand the regulatory framework who will be intensely valuable.”

The companies told Sir Jeremy that their staff were already stretched helping clients deal with the fallout of Brexit and that while they want to help, it will come at a substantial price to the taxpayer.

Then weep.

And remember that this is the price of taking back control from the elite.