Britain could not be in more serious times

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The Guardian editorial this morning reflects on the EU Leave vote and concludes:

Britain could not be in more serious times

I recommend what it has to say: it is a sober and sound conclusion on where we stand and the forces that have been unleashed in this country which no one, least of all Johnson and Gove, have any clue how to control.

Yesterday my heart sunk.

Today I am profoundly worried.

As I have already noted, whether we will have an economic crisis cannot be known as yet. But as every reader of this blog must, I hope, know I do not think that the economy is the be all and end all of life. My concern spreads much more widely: people have been persuaded to 'give back control' to an elite whose goal is to suppress the interests and remove the rights of those who have voted for them.

Some can, and I am sure will, leave. The idea of Irish reunification is now not nearly as remote as I would have imagined just two days ago. Scotland will now leave the Union, the only question is when. But what of that which is left?

As I discussed here yesterday, and with others during the day yesterday, this volatile situation could provide the opportunity we need for real change exploiting what is left of English and Welsh economic strength (I can't see Wales going, yet). That is what I will be working on. But the scale of the task is enormous. We really are in serious times.