Toxic politics and toxic comments

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If I have ever felt like giving up blogging then then last few days have given me cause to consider doing so.

I have deleted some comments from people of whom I thought better, and extended the blocked list to include some names that will be familiar to regular readers of the comments section, one of them for comments so offensive I was really quite shocked.

I have found the attitude of some in favour of Leave as frustrating as they have maybe found my own position.

I have had comments thrown at me on Twitter that I would rather not have read.

And politics has been more toxic after the death of Jo Cox that I can ever recall. The Farage explanation on this appals me.

I will be quite clear: I  am not enjoying this. And I can only see it carrying on. There is going to be the outpouring of the most extraordinary anger, grief, fear and frustration whoever wins on Thursday.

At one time I thought it was only the Conservatives who would be torn apart by the referendum. How wrong I was: it seems like the wound in the country will take a very long time to heal. Politics has been changed by this wholly unnecessary event.

So I give notice in advance: if the blog comment section is abused by anyone (whoever) in the aftermath of the result I will have no hesitation in deleting comments and, if I think it appropriate, blocking those making them. Abuse will be widely interpreted.

And if I find the process of managing the comments on Friday or thereafter too difficult in terms of time lost, people too upset, or anything else then comments will simply be turned off. I would regret that, but if that’s the only way to survive the experience, so be it.