The Conservatives may not be able to govern any more, but that was never the aim

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The FT has noted this morning in an article on Conservative Party infighting that:

A party so badly riven could struggle to govern the country in its remaining four years in office.

That misses the point as much as Michael Portillo did recently when saying the Conservatives had no clue why they had wanted power.

They didn't: power itself was enough. Governing was never the issue and never has been for the most successful electoral machine in democratic history. The aim has always been threefold.

First to stop others getting power.

Second to preserve the wealth of Tory donors be preventing those who might attack it from getting power.

Third, to hide the continuing accumulation of that wealth from view.

Everything else is a side show. After all, at its very core Conservative belief is that government and so governing is  a bad thing.

And because that is the case the Conservatives are the one party where such rifts might, possibly, be resolved.