PWC and Opus Dei. Is the position clear?

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I was intrigued to note that PWC are offering part of a course on creating an ethical environment
within a company at the Lismullin Institute in Ireland tomorrow.

Now don't get me wrong: I am delighted that PWC is interested in such issues. And the issues they say they will address are fair.

But would I offer such opinion at this Institute which is run by Opus Dei? I am not sure. For a start, offering a discussion of ethics with an organisation that has some difficulties with the role of women does require some pretty big caveats to be offered at the outset. There are some other dimensions that might also need to be explored, in depth.

I have no problem with speaking with people I do not agree with, if I am allowed to disagree and it is obvious I will. Is the PWC position here clear? I think that is a fair question.

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