Are Nigeria and Afghanistan corrupt?

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The Prime Minister has suggested Nigeria and Afghanistan are corrupt. And he's right if you think that corruption is solely about those who abuse public office or tax systems for personal gain.

He failed to mention the fact that a whole of army of lawyers, accountants and bankers, many in tax havens, are required to undertake this abuse. Prof Prem Sikka has called them The Pinstripe Mafia.

And if you think more broadly about corruption then having a banking system that systemically mis-sells, where key financial data has been routinely rigged and where we permit 400,000 companies a year to disappear without trace because we cannot be bothered to enforce company law might also be considered signs of serious failure with regard to corruption.

But David Cameron is looking in the wrong direction. As a result he thinks Nigeria and Afghanistan are spectacularly corrupt. Actually we are too. A tax gap of £120 billion is the evidence of that.

Time to take action on the home front, I suggest.