David Cameron’s hollow words on corruption

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The government announced yesterday that:

On 12 May, the Prime Minister will host the Anti-Corruption Summit to step up global action to expose, punish and drive out corruption in all walks of life.

The summit will seek to galvanise a global response to tackle corruption. As well as agreeing a package of actions to tackle corruption across the board, it will deal with issues including corporate secrecy, government transparency, the enforcement of international anti-corruption laws, and the strengthening of international institutions.

It will be the first summit of its kind, bringing together world leaders, business and civil society to agree a package of practical steps to

  • expose corruption so there is nowhere to hide
  • punish the perpetrators and support those affected by corruption
  • drive out the culture of corruption wherever it exists

OK then, do this:

  • Full country-by-country reporting for all multinational corporations
  • Do a proper public register of beneficial ownership in the UK backed up by supporting evidence from banks who undertake checks on the companies they provide services to
  • Impose the same on our Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

If said this was the goal then I might believe David Cameron is serious.

Until then, let's be clear, his words are not worth the paper they are written on, as his failure to act yesterday showed.