It looks like Jeremy Corbyn is calling for a Green New Deal

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Jeremy Corbyn has an article in The Times on climate change today in which he says (paywall):

To do that, we need a state that invests. We need an entrepreneurial, nimble state that neither wages war with markets nor bows in their presence, but shapes them. It is the rules set out by the state that allows markets to flourish.

I agree, entirely, as I do with this:

But governments should not be the only actors on the stage; they cannot achieve this world alone.

All of this must be driven by democracy in the production of energy, following Germany’s lead, in which an energy market previously dominated by four big corporations has been transformed into one with two million citizen-suppliers. Democracy in developing energy jobs: three quarters of all jobs in Germany’s energy transition are now involved in turning homes into “energy-zero buildings”.

That sounds like a call for a Green New Deal to me. Note least because it remains one of the most coherent strategies for a post 2008 economic narrative yet written.