High paid? The Taxpayers’ Alliance needs to think again

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The far-right web site Conservative Home has an article featuring the work of the far-right Taxpayers' Alliance today in which they say:

Today sees the publication of the Town Hall Rich List, revealing the nearly 3,500 council staff who enjoyed remuneration of more than £100,000 in 2013-14. No fewer than 130 councils had at least 10 employees earning that much with the tally at Haringey Council alone running to 68 members of staff.

It is now reports that a person needs to earn £75,000 a year to buy a property in London.

Shouldn't the Taxpayers' Alliance be reporting the scandal that in London local government now tries to provide services without paying the vast majority of its staff sufficient that they can live in the places they serve?

And maybe, just maybe, they should note that in 2014-15 788,000 had income exceeding £100,000 in the UK, of whom apparently 0.44% work for local authorities and then consider the miracle that they provide their services despite that fact.

But that's not what the far-right do.