With whom do we share bread is the question every company must ask

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A comment on the blog today has made me think about the real nature of the 'company'.

The word company has two roots. The first is 'com', which when compounded usually means 'together' and things akin to it.

The second is 'panis', which is the Latin for bread.

Company does, therefore, imply those who share bread together.

It's an interesting idea. There are obvious theological elements to this. But there are also social ones. Who is, and is not, invited to this meal is the question the meaning gives rise to. How far is the largesse spread?

Is it just to those who have ownership of the bread, as the concept of 'share'holder value might imply?

Or does the process of sharing extend beyond that to all those who participate in the process of production of the common good?

It's not an idle question. The company with whom we share bread matters a great deal in just about every aspect of the life we lead.

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