Why Corbynomics is good for big business

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I was on LBC last evening, being interviewed by Iain Dale, who offered one of the standard responses to Corbynomics - which is that it will lead to a loss of confidence in UK business.

The response I gave was in three parts.

First, Corbynomics is great for honest businesses, which are the ones we want as they invest, pay living wages, offer apprenticeships and are dedicated to the communities in which they are based. These are also the businesses that pay their taxes. They want the tax cheats eliminated because they try to undermine such sound business practices by their short term exploitation in pursuit of a quick buck. The last thing the UK needs right now is quick buck business.

Second, with a focus on job creation in the UK through investment in construction, technology, IT and so much more a Corbyn government will provide a bonanza for business that they should be welcoming with open arms.

And third, the spin off from this will flow into every constituency of the country delivering growth whatever the size of the company.

How can a government that wants to invest within the means of the economy to do so be bad for business? Only a warped mentality that thinks paying tax is so bad that people would rather not make profit than share a part of it could ever come to that conclusion.

But we will hear it time and again.