What still needs to be done on tax?

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According to the Independent this morning I have said:

John McDonnell, the new shadow Chancellor, is under pressure to clarify Labour’s tax policies, with even the man credited with inventing “Corbynomics” describing the party’s tax plans as “weak”.

In an interview with The Independent on Sunday, tax expert Richard Murphy, whose ideas were the foundation of Mr Corbyn’s economic manifesto in the leadership campaign, said: “The tax area is actually relatively weak at the moment … He hasn’t talked about the reform of capital-gains taxation. He hasn’t talked about inheritance tax.”

The question was "what still needs to be done?"

And the answer was a fair one. Those issues have not been addressed by Jeremy Corbyn in any detail to date.

But was it a criticism, or pressure? Come on: it's more than four years to a general election. Of course there are still things for Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell to develop - and to no doubt change - over that period.

My answer is correctly reported. But to construe it as any form of criticism is absurd: it was a suggestion of an agenda of things Labour needs to do, and nothing else.