Who should be in special measures? Addenbrookes or a government that won’t fund healthcare?

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My younger son was born in Addenbrooke's hospital. For that and other reasons I have a great deal to thank that hospital for.

And today the hospital is in special measures. It is in crisis because it cannot afford the staff it needs to supply its services.

But Addenbrooke's is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a failing institution. And it is one where it seems the medical staff had and have confidence in the senior management who have resigned in the last week, seemingly in protest at the suggestion made that the hospital is in crisis.

Addenbrooke's clearly has a problem. But the problem is not in Cambridge. The problem is in Whitehall.

Addenbrooke's knows what it has to do.

Whitehall will not give it the funding to do it.

And medical care in Cambridge may not have failed as yet as a result, but the implication of what is happening is that it is tottering on the brink of doing so.

In that case, though, who needs to be in special measures? Those who know how to provide the medical care or those who, for ideological reasons based solely on a deluded belief that the government's books must balance, have pushed Addenbrooke's into this situation?

Isn't the answer glaringly obvious?