Advice on a Masters in Economics please

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The following question was mailed to me. I leave it to others to answer:
I love discussing economics/political economy but I don't have any qualifications in this area. I have a PhD in English Literature but I almost wish I hadn't bothered. Were I to go back to uni to do an economics masters where would I go? I know you might want to advocate for your new university (City issn't it?) but London is a no-go for many people including myself.
So which university offers enough of a rounded economics education - neo-classical to understand modern discourse, alternatives such as Keynesian, institutional, Austrian etc., some economic history, and some history of political economy ( for instance Physiocrats Smith, Ricardo,Marx, Marshall and so on) - to produce a graduate with enough flexibility of thought to make doing it worthwhile for a mature student who doesn't intend to join the economics rat race?
The questioner is someone I know is serious.
Please feel free to comment.