Labour is going to need to create at least 125 peers if it gets into office

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This is the current make up of the active House of Lords:

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 21.38.53

Assuming for a moment that there is a Labour government (the maths does at present suggestion nothing else is sustainable) and assuming the SNP refuse to appoint peers, as ii its custom, and assuming that Cameron demands the right to ennoble the likes of William Hague and a few of his other buddies whilst the LibDems seek seats for Danny Alexander (and maybe Nick Clegg) the maths of this are horrendous.

Assuming the cross-benchers will split evenly on any issue and the Bishops and non-affiliated likewise, then right now the pro- Tory alliance that now very obviously includes the LibDems, since Nick Clegg has ruled out working with Labour if it has the support of elected members of parliament, will have a majority of something like 340 to Labour's 215.

So, to make sure it is going to get legislation though Labour is going to need to appoint 125 or more working peers. And the Lords will grow to well over 900 active members.

Has anyone thought about this, because I have not seen it mentioned anywhere? I think it's worth asking.