Why isn’t electoral reform on the agenda at this election?

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This comment comes from Peter McColl, Common Weal Director of Policy. Common Weal is, of course, based in Scotland. I met Peter recently:

This might be the last election where a majority government could even be contemplated. Whether it’s through a change to the voting system or other parties winning those STV seats, Westminster won’t be the same for long.

Once the distortions of the Westminster consensus and the dodgy electoral system are gone, we will see the progressive majority in the UK reassert itself. It may have to do so as a coalition, but given how badly the left has been failed by the Labour Party’s triangulation to the right, that is a massive opportunity.

Peter is far from alone in thinking coalition may be no bad thing. I know many who would agree.

He seems to be confident that Scotland will stay in the union, although I know he was in the Yes campaign.

It's his belief that STV might happen that I found interesting. Electoral reform isn't on the agenda at this election and it has to be questioned why that is not the case.