The public like the idea of abolishing the non-dom rule

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According to

Reading the reaction in the press over the past 24 hours to Labour's commitment to scrap the non-dom tax status, you might have assumed it was hugely unpopular.

But in fact:

According to the snap FirstVerdict poll, 77% of people support removing the non-com tax break on wealthy UK residents, with just 20% opposing it.

And they add:

Much of the press reaction has also focused on the policy apparently being anti-enterprise, with the Telegraph pushing claims that the policy would be "cataclysmic" for business. However, far from being seen as too hostile to business, YouGov actually found that voters think Miliband has got his position about right.

According to the poll 45% thought Miliband had got his criticisms of some businesses and wealthy people "about right" with a further 19% saying he hadn't gone far enough. By contrast just 25% said he had gone too far.

As I always suspected.