The EU has just nine civil servants tackling international tax abuse

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Sven Giegold is a Green MEP from Germany. He is also one of those who, with me, shares description as a co-founder of the Tax Justice Network, which he chaired for a number of years.

He's just highlighted a critical issue on his blog, which is very relevant in the light of Luxleaks and the Amazon news today:

It is still a scandal that only 9 civil servants of the Commission are in charge of investigating the tax deals of big corporations in Europe. In a broader sense 20 civil servants are involved in this work. The human resources of this unit must be increased urgently and drastically. This in turn also would pay off for all honest taxpayers.

I could not agree more. Indeed, I touched the same theme this morning.

The under-resourcing of tax investigation is not just a UK issue: it is an international one too.