Thank you and Happy Christmas

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I am told there is a time to stop blogging, although some of you may have noticed I am not good at identifying it.

Actually, quite a lot of you because last night I got a surprise early Christmas present when this year's total reads on the blog went past what I thought to be 2013's quite exceptional total. I had not expected that given that I thought interest in tax peaked with the G8 summit in June 2013, and so say thank you to all who contributed by reading so far this year.

For the record, there have been 1,597,957 reads so far this year and topping 1.6 million is, therefore bound to happen. When the 35,000 or so a month who read via blog feeds are added in more than 2 million reads of this blog are likely during 2014. As a writer who has a message he wants to impart that does, of course, please me.

So thank you for sharing some time with me this year.

And I wish you a happy Christmas.

Without an absolute promise that I will be quiet throughout the holiday period, because that it pretty unlikely.


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