Some have always been more equal than others

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According to the FT:

Rich Russians are gaining entry to the UK in record numbers amid a worsening economic outlook in their home country.

The number of Russians who were granted investor visas this year has soared by 69 per cent, according to Home Office statistics. The visas gave foreigners from outside the EU a fast track to residence and citizenship in return for buying gilts worth £1m to £10m.

So, capital flight funds that destabilise the Russian economy, boost house prices here at cost to UK resident people and which will, no doubt, in due course be invested offshore to avoid UK tax using the domicile rule allow a person entry to the UK when the desire to actually work in this country and pay tax as a consequence and add to GDP is apparently considered a problem by our authorities.

It has to be said that the paradox is bizarre and the logic simply bankrupt.

But then, some have always been more equal than others.


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