Your new doctor is advised by a tax consultant, recently from Luxembourg

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Pulse is a GP focussed newspaper. In this week's edition it notes that English hospital trusts are seeking to set up GP practices. But what is particualrly interesting is who is behind this scheme:

Exclusive Management consultants have held seminars with several hospital trusts about setting up new GP practices as outlined in NHS England's five-year plan, and have told Pulse they have seen a ‘huge appetite' for the move.

PwC have been holding the seminars following NHS England's Five Year Forward View, which outlined new ‘primary and acute care services' (PACS) that would allow hospital trusts to use their surpluses to set up GP practices with their own registered list for the first time.

Pulse has learned that PwC has observed an ‘extraordinary level of interest' among trusts in setting up GP practices, as they could benefit from it financially and prevent the current drain of funds due to early discharge and community care schemes.

So PWC have moved to Luxleaks to taking over the NHS.

Is there any limit to the harm they can do?


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