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It's Autumn Statement day today (just in case you had not noticed). As a result I'll be in the Radio 2 studio with Jeremy Vice to discuss what George Osborne has to say from about 1.20 or so onwards (depending on how long George takes to say very little). Opposing me in debate will be Mark Littlewood from the Institute of Economic Affairs who is always amusing for the irrelevance of what he has to say and for his apparent indifference to the needs and interests of the average Radio 2 listener.

At 4.30 I'll be on the BBC News Channel.

There will be a lot of tweets from me as the day progresses - and especially when Osborne is speaking.

And there will be blogs for Left Foot Forward, Class, Economia and others (probably) as the afternoon progresses. All of which is going to demand physical energy from me of a quantity I hope I now have.

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