Dave and George’s cunning little plan

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David Cameron and George Osborne say they have a long term plan for the economy. Superficially it is very hard to detect what that plan might be beyond their desire not to move house next year. Dig below the surface though and something more sinister appears.

First, if they have a plan for employment then it is to provide low paid, insecure, part time work without prospects for advancement or any chance of redress for employer wrong-doing where dependence upon expensive debt and food banks will ensure that any chance of labour disquiet can be quelled with instant dismissal.

If they have a plan for growth it is based purely on speculative bubbles in housing, commodities and the stock market, all of which suit their friends in the City, and all of which are fuelled by government policy, whether QE or subsidised mortgages.

If they have a plan for business, it is sink or swim on your own.

If they have a plan for the regions it is to devolve budgets to them, and then cut them.

Their tax policy is to collect of little as it as possible by sacking the staff who might otherwise prove we don't need austerity.

On housing, the policy is to support landlords and to increase interest rates so that more houses can be made available at low cost to the buy-to-let market as people are evicted from their homes.

Environmental policy is all about sticking heads in the sand, some of which will then be fracked.

Transport policy is dedicated to increasing carbon footprints.

And democracy? That's about seeing how to alienate as many voters as possible.

And the net effect of all that? It's called the creation of a Cowardly State where those in power seek to use as little as possible whilst using the power of the state to divert as much tax revenue as possible into the hands of the private sector.

If that's a plan Dave and George do, indeed, have one.

It's your choice to not share it with them.

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