Apple has captured the commons and we need to reclaim them

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I was drawn to this comment by Richard Seymour in the Guardian this morning:

What Apple has effected, just like Microsoft before it, is an act of enclosure. It has taken public property and commodified it. It has done this with the support and protection of the US government

This is spot on, and I admit, entirely consistent with my own theory of what might be happening within our own economies.

Multinational corporations are effectively capturing public benefit for private gain with the active connivance of what I called cowardly politicians in The Courageous State.

The Commons are our rightful property to share communally. There have always been elites who have sought to capture them. The aim is to restore them to their rightful ownership for the public good.

That is, I think, the issue that is at the heart of the rebellion that is driving the Yes vote in Scotland. It needs to drive social and economic reform throughout then UK and beyond.

The idea of the Commons does not challenge the right to private property. What it does do is draw an appropriate line around what is private and what is communal that has been lost. I do not know if we can redraw it. But we can try.