Comments today

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There were well over 100 comments on this blog yesterday, every one of which I read before posting (or not, in a few cases). That took a little time. Between doing that I also had to do some work, have meetings and so on. Despite appearances, this blog is very far from being my full time job, which is why blogs sometimes get written at railway stations over a coffee and the odd mistake creeps in. It's also why most get written very early in the day.

Some complained yesterday that I was not moderating their comments quickly enough. I'm sorry for the dissatisfaction. I do my best.

Today my best will not be good enough for many. I am having hospital tests and will be sedated. This may mean I may be out of blogging action for a few hours and I'm sorry, but that may mean your comment will just have to wait. I apologise in advance, but I am also confident that the world won't end as a result.

It may also mean comments requiring a response will take even longer to post. Again, that's just the way it's going to have to be. Please accept my apology now. Or wait for another day.