The ever subtle Tim Worstall

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This has been published on Forbes today, written by Tim Worstall:

I really do despise the Tax Justice Network and their ilk. Spreading untruths to make the world a worse place. Well done chaps, oh yes, well done.

Let's ignore the fact for a moment that governments around the world and the EU have been persuaded by our arguments, which Tim, forlornly, tries to tear apart.

Let's also ignore the fact that Tim suggests that John Christensen and I may have been teenage Trots, which is rather far from the truth.

Let's just note his subtlety on this occasion. It's usually a lot worse on his own blog.

And then you wonder why I might get fed up with his followers who frequent the comments section of this blog.

I guess all one can say is if this is the level of his argument he's both lost the plot and is one of the very few remaining in the stage of vehement denial on the issue of tax justice. Most of the world is ready to move on now and accept that our case was always glaringly obvious all along. One day even Tim will, if the anger does not get the better of him first, which I'd rather hope it doesn't.