The City of London’s Lawyers score zero out of four on Britishness test

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I note that the Department for Education has defined Britishness. According to the Telegraph:

The Department for Education named the “fundamental” values as democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, and “mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”.

I thought I should apply this to the City of London's lawyers, about whom I wrote yesterday. Let me repeat what they have said, as noted by the Law Society Gazette:

The City of London Law Society revenue law committee has called for the creation of an independent body with the power to veto tax legislation.

In a response to the Office of Tax Simplification’s competitiveness review, the committee says HM Revenue & Customs officials may have understated difficulties when briefing ministers

The committee response adds: ‘Whilst to some extent inevitable in a democracy, these phenomena are hugely damaging to the UK tax regime’s reputation for stability, and the creation of a constitutional check to limit the scope for them to occur would in our view be of real benefit.’

So let's apply that Britishness test, shall we?

Democracy? That's a fail: they hold it in contempt.

Rule of Law? That's a fail too: they want to overturn it.

Individual liberty? It's a fail again: they want liberty for a few, not all.

Mutual respect? I don't think so! On this it's 'agree with us or else'. It's another fail.

So, zero out of four for the City lawyers on their Britishness test. Time for a detention, I think.