A little tentatively, and with some tweaks, here and there

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A little tentatively, I am back at my desk.

I’ve learned a lot in the last week. I have learned I can go a week without blogging, or even writing. It’s a very long time since that last happened. But I needed to stop.

I have learned that until I have an operation I am going to be in pain. That’s not fun.

As a result I have learned what restricted mobility feels like.

To my sons’ amusement, I have learned what it is like to beg them to slow down, rather than speed up.

I think really low fat diets are very boring, already.

I have explored the inside of my eyelids, a lot. And I have taken time to think. And read a bit. I realise I really like short books. I’d love to write a really effective one.

But actually, I’ve realised I want to be fit again and getting on with what really mattes to me — which is a fight for social justice for most people, who are denied it. And I’m still, very strongly of the view that tax is an essential component in delivering that justice.

It’s not bad to take a week off to realise that, with some tweaks here and there, what you’re trying to do is pretty much on the right track.