Does George Osborne have a clue what a plan is?

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According to the Treasury this morning:

[George Osborne] set out the five components of his long-term economic plan to build a stronger, more competitive, economy to secure a better future for hard-working families and future generations by:

  • ‪cutting the deficit

  • ‪reducing taxes for hardworking people

  • ‪creating more jobs by backing business

  • ‪capping immigration and welfare

  • ‪delivering the best schools and skills

He calls that a plan?

A plan says:

  • how we cut the deficit
  • how tax cuts are funded, and who hardworking people are (and are not)
  • what backing business means and how it delivers new jobs
  • what the economic consequences of cutting immigration and social security are
  • how schools and skills will be delivered and at what cost

But there is none of that - I read the speech to check. There's just rhetoric.

Make that George's 6th failure of the day.

Now will Labour offer a real plan instead?