Farewell Liberal Conspiracy

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Being a long term blogger takes commitment, as I know. Being a prolific long term blogger takes even more commitment.

Sunny Hundal has been both since August 2005 - 10 months before I started. His Liberal Conspiracy blog has been widely influential since then, and an invaluable source of new thinking and comment. Now he's retiring from regular blogging. As he says:

I founded Liberal Conspiracy (with the help and support of many, many others) as a hub for left-wing opinion and news at a time there were hardly any group blogs. It was an attempts to raise our collective presence. Editorially, it was an independent and non-aligned left platform with a focus on campaigning. But the enduring success of Guardian CIF, and more recently the New Statesman and Huffington Post, have made other general opinion-blogs redundant. Frankly, there is just too much opinion out there. There is more space for news-focused blogs I think, but they require a level of time and energy I no longer possess.

He may be right of general opinion blogs, but he helped pioneer their success. I wish him well in the next stage of his career and campaigning and thank him for what he's done.

For more specifically focussed blogs, like this one, I think there remains a strong demand. With 10,336 posts published over more than 7 years and with more than 3 million words writen, I have undiminished enthusiasm for the medium. Tax Research UK will be going for some time yet.