Cuts are a choice: a choice that is harming millions in the UK

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As Polly Toynbee notes this morning:

If Cameron and Osborne visited Stoke Citizens Advice bureau, they'd find people queueing round the block as the service struggles to cope with this crescendo of woe. The debt advisers find growing numbers cannot survive as benefit cuts and council and bedroom taxes push them over the edge. There is no Sky, no cigarettes, no drink – yet after rent and electricity many are left with an impossible £10 a week for food, clothes, travel and everything else.

This is why Labour has no right to accept Tory spending cuts. This is what they have led to.

We don't need those cuts. As so many in HMRC tell me, the attacks on avoidance and evasion are desultory at best - because of a lack of resources and a management that is not committed to the task.

We could fund jobs with green quantitative easing.

We can fund jobs by making it a condition of pension tax relief that at least 25% of all pension contributions are invested directly in job creation in this country.

We can increase taxes - and should increase taxes on higher incomes, on wealth, and by cutting reliefs. Companies must also pay more. We should cut VAT on most basic goods though - we do not to increase the overall tax yield now

And if we really created work - make Stoke a green city, for example, we could take some, and maybe many, in such communities back into work. It is possible. It is possible now. But Osborne wants to invest in HS2 in a decae or so's time.

It's all a mater of priorities and we need politicians who understand just that.