People keep asking me why I think the G8 is achieving something on tax – so here’s why

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It looks very likely that the G8 is going to be a failure for Cameron - not least on tax. Everyone is expecting me to be down - and in one sense, of course I am.

And then again, I'm not. As I told Al Jazeera this morning, I came here to be disappointed - that was inevitable. I want delivery on all my hopes - and am quite sensible enough to know that's not going to happen, yet.

But, and this is the key point, the G8 has moved this agenda forward by several years. It won't deliver on the hopes, but it has created a new direction of travel and made it clear the world has to go down the road of beating tax abuse or a backlash will happen.

The G8 has succeeded at that level.

I am expecting the world's leaders to fail us. They'll need to be held to account for that.

That process of holding to account begins in a few hours - and rightly so, unless miracles happen in the meantime.