The Tories are bankrupting government – and society will fall with it

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As the Observer notes this morning:

The economic crisis engulfing the coalition deepened after the Tory head of local government raised the spectre of councils across England and Wales running out of cash reserves used to boost local economies within five years, under the weight of massive spending cuts.

This is not chance: this is deliberate. As I argued in The Courageous State, the Tories seek power to destroy the value government provides. That is what they are doing here. Even their own members in local government now realise that what the Tories at Westminster are doing will destroy local authorities in the UK, leaving those authorities to go bankrupt. That will in turn  undermine education, social services, transport, environmental provision and much lese in local communities throughout the UK.

All of this is foreseeable. In that case it is deliberate. The intent is to destroy democratic government itself of which local authorities form a key part.

When will people realise just how dangerous this is to the very fabric of our society, which will be torn apart by such policies?

And when will they also realise that without functioning and effective government the chance of ever creating wealth in this country will be undermined for generations to come?

Politics has not been this raw in our country for generations: we are quite literally facing the destruction of the whole fabric on which our society is based. And that means we all have a choice to accept this destruction of our democracy or fight it. Sitting on the fence is not an option: that's acceptance.

I'm fighting.