If you want to know what capture of the State looks like, this describes it

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Jeffrey Sachs has written this in the FT this morning:

America’s two political parties depend on wealthy contributors to finance their presidential campaigns. These donors want and expect their taxes to stay low. As a result, social divisions, broken infrastructure, laggard educational attainments, high carbon emissions and chronic budget deficits are likely to continue no matter who is elected, even though the public supports higher taxes on corporations and the rich.

That's capture of the state.

Call it corruption, if you like, for that is what it is.

As he says:

Only a big political realignment, perhaps spurred by a third party bold enough to campaign on free social media rather than expensive television advertising, is likely to break the status quo. Until then, the demise of public goods and services will continue apace.

And that's not just true of the USA.