Another day, another banking scandal, another day when the government turns a blind eye

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It's a new day. There's a new banking scandal.

This time it's HSBC, Barclays and RBS on LIBOR.

But let's be clear, last week it was Standard Chartered on money laundering.

And Lloyds have been done for similar regulatory abuse not long ago. The chance LIBOR will not hit it is remote, I suspect.

And the cases will just keep on rolling.

And these are the banks that brought, with others internationally, our economy to its knees. And yet the government thinks the Vickers Commission recommendations are enough to reform them, and then by the end of the decade (maybe: it's bound to be delayed).

Are they kidding? Do they think we're stupid?

We can afford this abuse no longer. The time to stop this abuse once and for all, firstly by breaking up banks, secondly by dramatically enhancing bank regulation to ensure that the opportunity baking provides for some to enrich themselves at cost to society at large is removed forever and thirdly to simply change the people running these banks has to be taken now. Not some time. Now.

It's that or we are doomed to loost decades.