The mere idea of income tax is causing mayhem in Cayman

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I'm curious to note that the mere idea of having an income tax is causing mayhem in Cayman.

Wonderful phrases are being used such as:

Opponents argue that a social contract may have been broken

That's a typical offshore inversion of the normal use, of course.

In the meantime:

Anthony Travers, chairman of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, described the tax plan as "probably the single greatest existential threat to the Cayman Islands in over 200 years."

Hyperbole Tony. And so untrue.

But amusing that Cayman has realised like most of the rest of the world that firstly government spending is essential and secondly it has to be paid for.

Finally, as if confirmation were ever needed, all this is happening because the UK is refusing to agree the Cayman budget. So much for home rule and independence. That charade is also shot to be bits.