A neglected graveyard

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Dennis Howlett was the man who persuaded me to blog. He's got a lot to answer for.

He wrote a powerful blog of his own yesterday under the above title. He introduced his theme saying:

Most readers will know that I offshored myself some 15 years ago. Some might remember that we drifted into Spain sometime around 2006, the country I’d like to call home but which is increasingly feeling like a dreadfully poor choice.

And he concluded:

Spain is riddled with contradictions. Yes, the wealthy are largely unaffected. Yes, the sun still shines in the south for some 300 days a year. Yes, the country is corrupt across multiple dimensions. And yes, local people try to keep smiling.

But when the perceived economic wisdom is that crippling the ordinary man in the street is the way to catapult an economy out of recession then you have to wonder — are our elected officials all dis-eased with a collective madness that has forgotten its recent, poverty stricken past? Where is the ethical compass in that? Why should the banking fraternity remain untouchable?

None of it makes sense. So when I am asked what I will do, my overwhelming feeling is that the place I want to call home seems more like a neglected graveyard. An unwelcome place. I am wondering whether there is a fit place where I can look forward to a peaceful retirement. That’s sad.

This is what the politics of austerity - the politics of the bankers - delivers. Sadness, at best. Much worse to come, possibly.

I'd recommend the whole blog.