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This is from The Yorker magazine from an article on who to follow on Twitter. I admit the magazine was previously unknown to me, but I extend my thanks to them in general whilst thanking Izaak Wilson  in particular:

Izaak Wilson presents: @RichardJMurphy

Writing this piece was a lot more difficult than I imagined. I had at least four really good candidates; two fiery anthropologists on the frontline of #Occupy and #Anonymous, an analytical and principled writer on poverty, and an accountant. I lumped for the accountant. To be clear, Richard Murphy is also a (very) political economist and a tax expert. He has written a book called 'The Courageous State', so you might not be surprised that his direction is Left. So, why is he worth following on Twitter? Murphy has a very strong grip on the numbers for a start. Whenever the government makes a statement like 'x policy will help the poorest' he is straight in with the explanation as to why, precisely, that is not the case. But a reactionary he is not. When he isn't exposing politicians world-wide to a forensic audit, he tends to be advocating ways out of this recession that are a little more imaginative, and plausible, than blind austerity. If you want a regular tweeter with a left bent, but not a conventionalist or unthinking attitude, then Murphy is your man.