Lansley – needing police protection

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This was featured on Éoin Clarke's blog yesterday - and was ignored by the BBC and other major media outlets. What is shows is Andrew Lansley visiting the Royal Free Hospital in London with a heavy police escort and refusing to engage with one retired doctor. (Try as I might I can't get the video to embed - please just follow the link).

Wow! Leaked video footage of Lansley running scared from protesters.


This is a leaked video of Lansley's visit to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead London today. I had reported earlier on in the day that there had been an incident at the hospital but no national media outlet would run with the story.  When the Minister for Health runs scared from medical professionals such as the doctor shown in the picture you know that his faith in Tory reforms must be limited indeed if he cannot have the courage of his convictions to stand and discuss the issues.  It is a disgraceful example of modern day censorship that some obscure blog (mine) is bringing you this video and not a national media outlet. I am ashamed of the democracy the UK has become. If incidents such as these are not reported by our national press, how can we claim to be any better than Russia, for example? For details of Lansley's visit (see here). The doctor challenging him is Dr Ron Singer (@DrRonSinger) who is a retired GP and President of the General Practitioner's Union with 30 years experience.
It is astonishing that this was not a major news story. When a minister responsible for health requires police protection in a hospital something is very seriously wrong.
There's something as wrong in the fact that the BBC are not covering it.