Farewell #OccupyLSX – but the legacy remains – and the demand for tax justice continues

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They came in the night to clear the Occupy site at St Pauls.

Like traitors, frightened of the enemy over whom they have power but no moral authority they came with force to evict those who had made their statement in peace.

And the supposedly great mixed with the supposedly good in imposing their will - St Paul's is reported to have joined in the action with a  trespass order.

Of course the #Occupy site succumbed. It was always going to do so. But when it happened on the same night that we learned that Barclays had tried to claim £500 million by subterfuge and cunning from the government that it was not ever owed, and when they came on the day that the police said The Sun ran a network of corrupted officials,  who had the moral victory?

In its current form the Occupy movement is clearly fading. That was always going to be the case. But the legacy remains. Many more people know about the injustice of what is happening now. A new narrative is being created. Yet more of the abuse of the 1% is highlighted daily.

As yet we cannot stop that abuse. But the fight for justice, for equality and for fairness will continue. Anyone and everyone who had anything to do with the St Paul's site has reason to be proud of what happened there. And we now continue to address some of the issues it highlighted so effectively - like tax injustice.