There can only be one reason why the government is refusing to publish its #NHS risk assessment

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As the Guardian reports this morning:

Medical leaders are urging the government to end its "astonishing" refusal to publish its own assessment of the risks its NHS shake-up poses for the service and patients.

The leaders of Britain's doctors, GPs, nurses and midwives are among an alliance of senior figures in healthcare who are demanding the release of the Department of Health's (DH) analysis of the dangers involved in the radical restructuring of the NHS in England.

It should be made available "forthwith" so that parliamentarians scrutinising the health and social care bill can be fully informed about it before they give it final approval, they say.

Full marks to Labour for bringing this issue to the for.

None to the Lib Dems for ignoring it.

The reality is that more than 2,000 past risk assessments in thew HNS have been published oin a timely basis to informa decision making. But not this one, which the governemtn is refusing to disclose.

There can only be one reason for that refusal, which is, of course, that it is damning.

I am sure it is damning. Whatever the motive for this legislation it cannot work and competition will harm, and probably wreck the NHS. The bill for compensation to companies - any company - that wants to sue for not getting a contract, as they will be able to do under EU law,  will run to billions alone.

And then there's the simply fact that this change cannot be imposed on an NHS that is also being forced to deliver cuts.

This risk assessment almost certainly says this Bill is a disaster in the making.

And that's hy it is not being published. Today Labour try to change that. But as ever the Tories are simply ignoring democracy and duty to steam roller their destruction of the NHS onto the statute book.