All over for the German – Swiss tax deal?

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It looks like it may all be ove very soon fro the German - Swiss tax deal that broadly replicates the appalling UK - Swiss one. As Tax-News  reports:

Social Democrat (SPD) controlled states throughout Germany reportedly plan to block the bilateral tax agreement between Switzerland and Germany in the German Bundesrat, or upper house of parliament, during a crucial vote on February 10.

According to Baden-Württemberg’s Finance Minister Nils Schmid (SPD), German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble will no longer be able to prevent a defeat in the upper house. Schmid warned that it is “highly unlikely” that the agreement will receive the country’s support, arguing that the proposed level of taxation of undeclared German assets held in the Confederation is “simply too small”.

Quite so.
So that would just leave the Osborne / Hartnett UK - Swiss folly standing. Why do both get it wrong so often?