Beveridge for the 21st century – a view

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This letter was in today's Guardian in response to Larry Elliott's article last week on Beveridge:

Our day jobs are to ask simple questions like, what kind of a good society do we want and how do we make the great transition to get there?

In addition to Larry Elliott's list — a safe place to put our money, a rewarding job and a natural environment enhanced for the next generation — we would add: an affordable home; security in old age; a society committed to nurturing, and prepared to pay for, the health and development of its people; communities where we can belong; and the chance to find a work-life balance that leaves enough meaningful leisure time.

However, none of these things will be possible in a world where finance continues to enjoy extraordinary privileges. The modern precondition for a good society to flourish, and to fund a great transition to a productive, sustainable economy, is a new regime of checks and balances on capital. Without taming finance, we will be like revolutionary sailors lacking rigging, or sails.

Andrew SimmsFellow, new economics foundationNeal LawsonChair,Compass,Richard Murphy Director, Tax Research UK

That's a real framework for change.

I'm curious to note my co-authors are both also nominated for Left Wing Thinker of the Year, as I am.

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