It was a joke – not a good joke – but a joke, none the less

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Ex-Treasury secretary Liam Byrne's note to his successor: there's no money left | Politics | .

The right are wetting themselves about former Labour chief secretary to the Treasury's note to his successor, Lib Dem David Laws. It read:

"I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left."

They're taking it a literally true.

And that - as we all know, is not the case. With just one minor, purely technical hiccup the UK has been selling its bonds as if they're the best deal in town - which quite probably they are.

So, as Byrne says:

"My letter was a joke, from one chief secretary to another. I do hope David Laws's sense of humour wasn't another casualty of the coalition deal."

But it looks like it was.

Admittedly it was a poor joke.

But for the right to jump on this is some sign of their desperate desire to drive this country into a genuine economic crisis - which seems to be the only policy they have right now.