Is Vince happy? You bet your life he’s not

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Did you see Vince Cable interviewed on television last night about his new appointment?

The deft, witty, always in command Vince looked like a man putting on a very brave act.

He stumbled for words. His posture was resigned.

Of course we now know he’d been appointed to be responsible for banking — to find George Osborne would not be letting him do the job.

If Vince was ever convinced of the merits of being a ConDem it was already clear he knew he’d been shafted.

He’s just the first to come to that realisation — and that there’s no way out for his party.

There will be a bloodbath soon. There is just no way most Lib Dems will pout up with this: they’ve been sold out by Clegg, Laws and the other free-market fundamentalists in their ranks.

I predict a split soon.

We got so close to PR. And now, maybe, two party politics might be restored. I do at least hope Vince has the courage to take his people back into a genuine third party.

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