Wait until we have a referendum

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As Left Foot Forward notes:

The anti-progressive press react in predictable loathing and incandescence, the Mail calling yesterday's developments "A squalid day for democracy" and the Express proclaiming a "shabby stitch-up". The Telegraph colourfully describes the Lib Dems as "behaving like 'every harlot in history'", saying their will be "recriminations from both sides as Nick Clegg prepares for 'crunch time' talks that could decide the make up of the next government".

How can forming a government after a democratic election be a squalid activity, I wonder?

Wait until we get near a referendum and see what they say.

My suspicion is the press will be as ignored as much as they were in the election itself.

After all, on most counts the Tories were the biggest losers: it was theirs to take and they failed to do so.

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